Outstanding Oysters

Outstanding Oysters

“If you love oysters, you’re in the right place! Whether they grow wild, are aquacultured, or are a result of restoration projects, the Chesapeake Bay is once again becoming home to thriving oyster populations.”

That’s how the new educational oyster page on the Deltaville Maritime Museum’s website opens up.

And you know what that means for all of us?

More oysters to eat! A thriving seafood economy! Stronger communities!

A sign recently installed by the water at the Deltaville Maritime Museum highlights why the oysters of today are quite outstanding and how we all can help ensure they keep doing their duty all across the Chesapeake Bay.

Read on for some highlights.

Why We Should Care That Oysters Are Ecosystem Engineers

You probably already know that oysters are clean water heroes. In fact, in their lifetime, a dozen oysters can filter up to the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

But they are also reef builders and create habitat for other species of the Chesapeake Bay to thrive, which helps increase biodiversity.

Thanks to their strength, they are also shoreline protectors. Oyster reefs can help reduce the impact of erosion.

How We Can Help Oysters Help the Bay

Let us count the ways!


Eat more oysters! Find where to buy them throughout the Bay Direct app.


After you eat more oysters, save the shells and drop them at your nearest oyster shell recycling station. There are several programs in the region that run these recycling sites, including The Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program (VOSRP).  


Help oyster reefs thrive by reducing or eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in your yard.


Click here to learn even more about oysters. We’ve highlighted but a small sample of the great information available through this Deltaville Maritime Museum exhibit. This page takes a much deeper dive. And you know what they say? Knowledge is power.


Did we mention eat more oyster? Click here to find where to buy some.